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Portable electric cup boiling water can be covered?


Portable electric cup is easy to use, many friends will carry when traveling, some electric cup in the instruction manual will be marked: "boil water prohibited when closing the lid", the general requirements of the water after one minute and then close the lid, which is mainly to prevent the user from being scalded, then the electric cup of water can be covered with a lid?

Can an electric cup be used as a thermos?


Many friends buy electric cup is to drink hot water at any time, but if you go out traveling, to the place where there is no electricity and water, electric cup if not insulation, you can not drink hot water, then electric cup can insulation?

A smart insulated titanium cup that helps you control sugar scientifically


In today's society, "sugar control" has become a growing concern. Coupled with the fact that diabetes is getting younger and younger, it seems that controlling sugar has become a matter of urgency. Sugar control is both difficult and easy. As long as you know what are the red light foods and drinks that are high in sugar, you will be able to avoid them and control sugar smoothly.  The first step in controlling sugar is to know how much sugar is in your diet! This cup has a smart base that can measure sugar, take a meal replacement shake to do a small test. The touch screen at the base of the cup shows that the measured 100ml meal replacement shake contains 16.0% sugar and 59kcal.

Principle of Smart Mug


Two commonly used functions of smart water cup are temperature display and smart reminder. People in the case of often do not drink water will cause physical discomfort, so set the intelligent reminder function, and in order to follow the convenience of people drinking water, added the temperature display function.

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