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Can I bring an electric water heater on an airplane?


According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), electric mugs are generally considered to be electronic devices, and the rules for carrying them may vary from airline to airline and country to country. The following are the general carry-on regulations. Please note that these regulations may vary due to special circumstances, so check with the airline to obtain the regulations before traveling on a flight:

Portable Electric Water Mug


Self-heating water mugs work by heating water to a set temperature through a built-in heating device. Typically, an automatic heating water mug has a heating element inside, usually an electric heater or a PTC thermistor. The heating element starts working when the user turns on the water heating function in the mug.

Portable electric water heater is really convenient


Portable electric cup, as the name suggests is of course easy to carry, then portable electric cup really portable?

Detailed electric water cup should be how to use correctly


Electric water cup is compact, easy to carry, is a very practical out of the house utensils. Of course, the use of electric water cup should also pay attention to the method, so usually how to use it correctly? Here we will talk about.

How is an electric water heater cleaned?


Cleaning: Before using the electric cup, first of all, take out the inner liner and lid and clean it.

How to take care of the electric water heater


Regular cleaning: After a period of use, the inner wall of the electric cup will have scale or water stains.

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